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Foundation Mania: Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

Hello Everyone, how has your week been? mine has been all about uni work and getting around on campus to different venues for lectures, seminars and all that jazz. I know I have not been posting frequently on my blog and I saw the messages some of you sent me asking when next I am going to post. Well, I am back and I am going to try my best to be quite consistent with my fashion, beauty and lifestyle updates but I dont promise because I know I have a lot on my plate right now.Coming to this post, the review of this foundation is  a long time coming, I saw the feedback on my last review and I noticed that alot of you asked for product recommendation of certain skin types. I have been thinking on your comments and I have decided to do another blog series focussed on product suggestion, how to match your face products and so on. Finally, I will like you guys to read this review and leave feedback in the comment section and dont forget to interact with me on my social media handles at the side of this blog.

About NARS

NARS Cosmetics is a makeup and skin care company owned by Francois Nars, a makeup artist and photographer. This line started with 12 lipsticks at Barneys New York and since then has manufactured more beauty products around the world. The simple packaging was an idea of Fabien Baron which has been seen as a modern  iconic style. Francois Nars started his company campaign in 1996. One interesting aspect of the NARS cosmetics is the erotic names given to the products such as deep throat, orgasm and sex machine and we all who use these products are familiar with the popularity and hype the 'Orgasm Blush' got on the internet. It was awarded the best selling product for three years in a row and because of its massive popularity a collection was created for this blush. NARS products are available worldwide .

Review on the NARS sheer glow foundation

I first heard of this product from Beauty Gurus on Youtube but what moved me to purchase this product was the radiant  finish of the product on the skin. I went to the store and I grabbed mine in the shade 'New Orleans'. I bought this product from a Harvey Nichols store for £30.50 and Its available in House Of Fraser, John Lewis and Selfridges around the UK. I am not sure of where it is retailed in other parts of the world but I know you could purchase it from the NARS online store Here. The foundation comes in 19 shades and I find this surprising because most high-end products don't have variety of shades, that people of different colours can use.I really appreciate that, the product makers put diversity of skin tones into consideration while making this product.

This product came in a simple black packaging and  a very stylish crystal bottle. However, I don't like that there is no pump for the foundation as you all can see in the pictures. The absence of the pump makes it difficult to regulate the amount of product you get on your sponge and this leads to wastage of product or risking the product spilling in your makeup storage. Nevertheless, I like the overall packaging of this product, it well represents the style and professionalism of its owner.

This product has no SPF [Sun Protection Factor] and it is a water based foundation. Therefore, this product is more suitable in the studio and for nights out rather than daytime makeup.This product is quite oily  and gives  a radiant shine on the skin, its not a matte product and therefore is more suitable for normal to dry skin. I will not recommend you purchase this product, if you have oily skin because it produces more oils as you go along the day and causes a lot of shine on the t-zones of the face.However, for my readers with dry skin, you will enjoy this product because it is quite hydrating on the face and reduces any chances of dryness on the skin. In my candid opinion, this product does not have a long-hour wear and can only last for 6 hours maximum on the face. 

When I bought this product, the beauty consultant told me that it was a light weight product on the skin but I must say, it does feel light when applying it on the face but after a couple of hours, I start to feel the weight of the product on my face.However, a blotting sheet will be quite handy when using this product. This product is very liquid and glides on the skin like water so I suggest that before using this product, you give it a good shake so that you could get a good use of the product and a sponge or fingertips is best way of applying this product so as to get a well blended finish on the face. Also, it is important to powder the face or t-zone areas after the application of this product and you will find that the product sits better on the face with powdering on the right areas. 

Overall, I conclude that this product is an amazing product for people with dry skin. I didn't really enjoy this product because I have an oily-normal skin and I will not be repurchasing this product, if I run out of it. However, I must commend the radiant finish it gives to the face after application and its hydrating feel on the skin.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed life.

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