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Foundation Mania: Review on Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation

Hello Everyone, I hope you had a great week and you are pleased with your goals for the week and if you are not happy with the way the week has gone. I hope this post will cheer you up and make you take life easier, its all going to be fine. Today's post is focused on reviewing one of the high-end foundations in the blog series- Foundation Mania that I posted a while back. I decided to make this blog series because I know that a lot of people like to read reviews of products especially high-end products before purchasing such products. This method is good so that you get the full value of  the money used to purchase products. I will like you to leave a feedback on this review, select the next foundation you would like me to review on the Blog Series: Foundation Mania and if you like tell me your favourite foundation or tinted moisturiser or BB cream or CC cream that you are presently using. 

About Smashbox

The brand Smashbox started as a premier photo and film studio in Los Angeles, where photographers and known celebrities perform various film and fashion photo shoots. Smashbox is owned by two brothers Davis Factor and Dean Factor the great-grandsons of the cosmetic legend Max Factor. This studio was founded in 1990, the business expanded to photo studios, modelling agency, production company, clothing line and later on in 1996 a cosmetic company.However, this company was later sold to Estee Lauder in 2010. In 2002, Smashbox in collaboration with IMG began hosting the Los Angeles Fashion Show. Also, Smashbox hold an annual photography competition called F.A.C.E OFF [Fashion Advertising Celebrity Editorial]. The mission Smashbox had for starting out their cosmetic line is to provide cosmetics that are most suitable for photo shoots. This company has come along way in making an impact in the fashion and beauty industry. 

Review on the Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation

The packaging of the Smashbox foundation is a black velvet rectangular box with the image of the foundation on the front of the box. I was not drawn to the packaging because it is not as fancy as other brands packaging that I have seen. Most high-end foundations that I have seen usually have a fancy packaging or bottles to appeal to customers to purchase the product but for this foundation, it seemed that Smashbox was going for a simple and classic packaging. However, the most appealing fact of this product for me is its content. It is a water-based foundation that has a long hour wear on the face, this fact encouraged me to purchase the product when I tried the sample on my face. This product retails for £27.50 from Boots and you could also purchase it from the online store Click Here, it is pretty costly, so its important to read reviews on the product.

This product is cruelty free and environmental friendly, its chemical content is fully water based and oil free. It has no SPF [Sun Protection Factor] that means, it not suitable for the summer period or places of more sunlight. The absence of SPF in the product is to prevent flashbacks in photos, this product is more suitable for photo shoots than for everyday wear and if you still like to wear this foundation out, it will be suitable for night outs because there is no sunlight and even though you had a long night, the product will last on your skin because it has a long hour wear. This product has a limited variety of shades from light- dark, its shades starts from 1.1-1fl.oz./30ml -4.2-1fl.oz./30ml, I was lucky to find my shade but I feel that not everyone can find their shades from this product.

Appearance and Texture  on skin

Before Application  

After Application

The product has a light weight on the skin, it feels like water on the skin. This product has a light to medium coverage in my opinion and cover most blemishes on the skin. I love this product because of its long hour wear and light feel on the skin. This Foundation goes very well with the Smashbox Finish Foundation Primer but if you have any other primer, it will go well with it. I recommend that if you like using foundation on your skin, its best you use a primer before placing the foundation on your skin. The downside to this foundation is that its most suitable for oily to normal skin types. I will not recommend it for someone who has dry skin because your skin need some moisture to eliminate the dryness. Finally, I am pleased with trying out this foundation and if you feel that this product is for you then try it out.


I was not paid to make this review and I bought the product with my money. Therefore, all that I have said is my honest opinion of the product. Also, all photographs were takes by me.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed life.

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  1. excelent review! Great detailing and description, the only only thing I would've added in was a picture of the packaging!


    1. Thank you for your comment, but I lost the packaging that why I couldn't put the photo up


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