Sunday, 20 October 2013

Got All Vamped Up!!!!

Hey everyone, how has your week been? mine has been all about Uni work, focussing on course work and lectures all through this month. I didn't have time to make frequent posts but I could not help but notice the huge feedback I had on my last post and I had to squeeze out time to make another post. I will like to guys to know that I may not keep you frequently updated of my fashion and beauty finds on this blog but you could catch me on my social media handles at the sidebar of this blog, to know what I am doing. 

I really like this outfit, I have on especially that bold printed oversize coat. I had this coat for a while now and I have been thinking of ways to style it, so I came up with this Fall theme (as most Americans will say it even though, here in Britain we call this season Autumn) this theme was put together by my amazing photographer friend Lydia. She is really skilled at what she does and I am really proud of her work. I will like you guys to visit her Facebook page Here and like her page if you enjoy the lovely photos she has. As usual, I will like to know your thoughts on this outfit in the comment section and I hope to hear from you in my next post.

All photographs were taken by Lydia.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed life.

Best Wishes,


  1. Cute Jacket

  2. Lovely :) like the sweater

    We could follow, let me know :)

    greetings from Slovenia :)

  3. beautiful jacket, love the shade of your lipstick.

  4. The photos are amazing and I LOVE your coat! <3

  5. Really nice blog :)
    Im following you !

  6. I really love this coat!! Great pattern!!


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