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Review on the Clinique CC cream

Hello Everyone, How has your week been? mine has been all about going to uni, getting work done and preparing for the holiday season. I find that most times I write, I reflect on the impact of uni work on my life but one positive impact is that I have gotten closer with friends and colleagues from Uni and its nice to know that you have people who give 2 British pounds about you. However, back to the topic on ground, I heard of this CC cream craze!!! from a friend at Uni, she had this very obvious dark under-eye circle and she got this product to treat this problem. I am telling you that, in a matter of two weeks this under-eye dark circle vanished and there was an even-toned skin in that eye area. Also, I recommended this product to my sister who had a similar problem and recently I have noticed positive changes in her under-eye area. It will be unfair of me not to speak about this product to you my readers and I will like you guys to leave your thoughts of this product in the comment section.

What Clinique says about Clinique CC cream

This product retails for £28 pounds from the Clinique counter in your local area and can be ordered online from stores such as: Debenhams,Clinique and All This product came in a pastel green rectangular box and a light tan tube as seen above. This product aims to correct redness, sallow, dry and ashy skin and has been dermatologically tested to detect various undertones of skin change. This product is oil free hydration and a sunscreen to protect the skin from sun radiations . Also, you will  have the flawless look after using this product.

What I say about Clinique CC cream

I got into the hype of BB creams and CC creams and to be honest, they are a breath of fresh air from the liquid foundations I have used over the years. This CC or BB creams are not suitable alternatives to foundations because they are not full coverage products but it  feels light on the skin.

This product is an amazing alternative to a primer, you can use this product on its own and you will have that no make but make up on look going on. Also, it being used under a foundation would help to correct any redness or sallowness or dark areas on your skin. Also, the product feels very light on the skin [ your face won't feel 5kg heavier]. Finally, for ladies who don't like going through the steps of using concealers-correctors-foundation just to achieve that flawless finish, this product will save you the steps and you will have the flawless look. I suggest the use of fingers to apply this product because the warmth of your skin [fingers] will blend the product properly on your face.

However, this product has its cons. Firstly, I personally think that it is too expensive for what it does but I guess it is a Clinique product and it ought to be expensive. Secondly, it doesn't have a wide variety of shades for women of colour and I personally think that, a beauty brand should make it their top priority to provide a variety of shades for women of colour. Finally, the product may not be suitable for people with oily skin.

I hope this review helps in your selection of beauty products. This particular review was a long-time coming but I have been busy with my preparations for the New Year. If you have any suggestions of beauty products you would like me to review please send me an email.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year

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  1. I hope you had a merry Christmas as well and have a good new year! Thanks for the review. It is helpful


  2. This sounds like a great fix! Right now my under eye circles are at bay but when the time comes when I need a little extra help I think I will definitely have to give this a try. Thanks for the review it's super helpful!

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  3. Im yet to try any BB or CC creams...thanks for the info! Would you like to follow each other?

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  5. Interesting and very informative post. thanks for sharing.

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