Monday, 14 January 2013

New Finds!!!!!!!! 2012/13

Must-have make up products for me

Hey everyone, Its been a while since I have posted in a while and I just decided to grab my camera, have some snap shots of the products I have been loving for a while.

  • I recently purchased this palette and i have been in love with the colours, i have used the colours for my makeup for 3 days straight and I definitely recommend this sleek shangri-la collection RESPECT.

  • NARS lip gloss [Orgasm]and lip liner[Roman Holiday] has a soft pink sheen which adds cute to the lips. This is a high-end product which would be on the pricy side but not to worry there are alot of dupes provided by Maybelline, Rimmel London and Revlon.

  • MAC Hang-up, a berry red lipstick which is comparable to the famous MAC's rebel, Rimmel London 107 and Wet n Wild sugar plum fairy.This lip colour is suitable for fall but I am rocking this lip colour any-time of the year. Its dark, plum red and daring. Only the bold hearted can rock this.

  • Urban Decay is a cosmetic line that are famous for the Naked  Palette 1 and   2,they seem to be getting it right with their brow gel.

  •  Zara's Cape Town, St Athlone 6112 is one of the cheap fragrances sold at the counter of your local Zara Store. Some people say this store is expensive for everyday shopping but I say give yourself a treat and pat on the back with some Zara items when you are down and sad.

  •  The famous Ben nye powders used for setting your under-eye concealer, this secret was released by Mario Dedivanovic, Kim Kardashian's make up artist who revealed the trick to the reality tv personality's radiant beauty. I personally prefer the Topaz powder to the Banana because I am of darker skin tone and it gives my under-eye a more realistic and radiant look.I prefer not going over the top with the Banana powder.

Thanks for reading and as always stay blessed.

Best wishes,


  1. ive been having a hard time choosing which one would go well on my skin tone, I guess id have to go with topaz....nice collection :)

    1. Yes go with topaz, banana gives a cakey effect that i dont like

  2. Gotta check out that Shangrila palette!

    Cool post! Stop by sometime! ;)

  3. nice blog! :-)

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