Sunday, 9 June 2013

Living in my shoes

A week into my life via Instagram

Hello my dear readers, it has been a while since I have made a post and I feel bad that, I havent posted any update of my fashion finds and style anyway I just finished my exams and I am trying to have a breath of fresh air in my life after that stressful periods. However, I am trying something new on my blog and I have this bittersweet feeling about these changes. I am not a fan of people knowing about my private life though I really enjoy the drama of reality tv, I know that sounded quite contrasting but that how I view these things. However, my constant research on style blogs and the support of my readers has motivated me to give an update of my life to my beautiful readers  I didn't take the pictures of my home because I dont feel comfortable enough to put pictures of my home online but I took pictures of the places I usually go to when I am out and I will like you to share your feedback in the comment section.For readers interested in spiritual growth and interaction, I would like you to visit my second  blog Walking in the Light. I read the comments that were made on my fashion posts and I noticed that my beautiful readers are enthusiastic about these posts, I am working on more fashion posts to make on my blog, so if you are interested, STAY TUNED!!!!!. Also, these pictures are present on my Instagram page and if you like these type of posts, follow me on Instagram and share your opinions in the comment section and I will make more of these type of posts.


 Selfie shopping and my fave smoothie from Starbucks


Its a sale!!!!!, shopping for new blazers at next and checking out Lipsy


Out and About in the city and treating my self to frozen yogurt but I never take the cup cakes no matter how attractive they look because I am trying to lose some weight.


After my fashion photo shoot, grabbing a bite at Yo sushi!!! with my photographer friend Sabrina. Yes!!! I am a sushi lover, shout out to my Japanese readers.


You can never have enough shoes, shopping for shoes and jewelries with photographer friend Sabrina Ahmed.


I went to gym to sweat those calories, then went for some magazine shopping and found my faves VOGUE, LOOK, ELLE AND MISS VOGUE.......


I went to church to hear the word of God that never dies and rekindles the fire in our souls, if you feel a void in your life, I think you need to go to this location and seek the face of God.

All photographs were taken by me.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed life.

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