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Store Review 2: Sue Ryder Vintage and Retro Store


Hello my dear readers, I hope all is well and you are happy with your week, if you are not pleased with your week, I hope this post will cheer you up and a word of encouragement to you so that you know that I care. 
''A word of encourage given during failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success''
This is uplifting for the spirit especially when things are not going as expected, always know that someone out there is ready to give you comforting words to ease the frustrations of life.

However, I present another store review of vintage and retro store  in my local area Leeds, UK.I have decided to incorporate reviews of places, stores and products on my blog. I feel it is a way of engaging the readers and I have noticed that a lot of the readers are quite interested in the detailed information of reviews on my blog. However, I would like you the readers [especially students] to leave a feedback of this review in the comment section and if you live within the Leeds area, you could visit the store.

About Sue Ryder Vintage And Retro Store

Sue Ryder is a National Charity that provides incredible care for incurable illnesses. They have 13 centers across the country that each provide healthcare and support to people affected by life-ending or life changing illnesses as well as their families.Sue Ryder closest care center is Wheatfields Hospice, located only 2 minutes from the shop in Headingley. Wheat field's needs to raise £2.8million each year to run it's services, this is done partly through fundraising but a great deal is still needed each year which is where the retail side comes in.  Sue Ryder currently has over 420 shops in the U.K. with the profits from these shops going directly back into the charity.

Sue Ryder opened their doors in June 2012 with the aim to provide the people of Headingley with a new charity shop experience and with 11 other Charity Shops already in the area, they wanted to stand out and give the charity shop look a make-over.To do this they decided early on to specialize in Vintage and Retro clothing due to it's rising popularity in the local student population.This quirky looking shop attracted not only customers, but also younger volunteers with specific interests in fashion, retail and all things vintage.  With a younger volunteer team they have used their skills to keep the shop current and relevant to our target market, whilst our low prices ensure that customers always come back again.Sue Ryder relies solely on donations,  they have to make the most of every item  gotten, this led us to recruit volunteer seamstresses and start our 'Handmade' section, filled with up cycled items made from items that would have been disposed. 

 The team is  constantly looking for new ideas and ways to use what we have in the most effective way to drive sales.With the student population moving further into the city center, the decrease in customers mostly student has already resulted in the closure of the other vintage shops in the area, leaving us as the only Vintage and Retro Shop in Headingley. Sue Ryder strongly believes that their unique feel, friendly atmosphere and  well priced good quality clothing has been the reason that their sales have steadily increased, despite the competition in their environment.Overall, the ultimate goal for Sue Ryder store has for its customers is to provide an environment where people will enjoy coming to, shop their items without guilt because they know you are spending your money on a good cause.

Address: 56 Otley Road, Headingley LS6 2AB, Leeds UK.

Pictures of some items in the store

All photographs were taken by me.

What I think of the store

When I first walked into the store, I felt the retro and vintage interior design of the store. The interior was designed in a way that attracts retro and vintage store lovers. The clothing and suitcases sold in the store are contributions of people and organisations in the area. Although, the fashion accessories, musical records and instruments are bought from other stores. I like the arrangement of the guitars and musical records, it completes a vintage and retro store. Also, my favorite part of the store was the accessory section especially the vintage hats. I feel that, it will go well with a little black or white dress and a nice stiletto pumps. However, I was not really into the clothing because I know that, my style is not mainly  focused on vintage clothing and accessories, I just like to get bits and pieces to add to an outfit. Personally, I think the items in the store are selected  mainly for students and some office wear  are available in the store. Overall, I conclude that the mission of this store is to engage people especially youths and students in the Leeds area, provide fashionable clothing for people and provide charity services for people who are in need. Therefore, if you decide to visit this store, you are not being extravagant in fashion, you are supporting a good cause.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed life.

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