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Foundation Mania: Review On The Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation

Hello Everyone, how has your week been? mine has been good with not much work to do, I have been looking forward to making a post on my blog. I know that I have been MIA [Missing In Action] for two weeks and I have not made a post on this blog.  I will like you guys to stay tuned to the posts and feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section.Also, do not  forget to interact with me on my social media handles at the sidebar of this blog.

About Chanel

Most people are familiar with the brand 'Chanel' for their luxury fashion line, accessories, make up, perfumery and famous quotes. Chanel is a French company owned by Alan Wertheimer and Gerard Wertheimeer, grandsons of Pierre Wertheimer who was partner with Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, the original pioneer of this fashion business. Chanel is an internationally recognised designer brand, particularly known for their little black dress, No.5 perfume and tweed suit jacket. Most of their fashion designs are inspired by the founder Coco Chanel. She was more concerned with female elegance in dresses, blouses, suits and jewellery of simple designs opposed to over designed and overly fitted clothes that reigned in the 19th century.She made a name for herself by redefining what fashion is, from the over dressed look to a more comfortable and stylish look. Coco Chanel style has inspired celebrities over the years and left an impact in the fashion world. For more information about the company, you could watch the movie Coco Before Chanel.

Review on Chanel Perfection Lumiere

The packaging of this product is simple and stylish [typical for a chanel product], i liked the black rectangular box and gold lining at the bottom. It retailed for £36 from Debenhams in my local area and is available in other department stores like Harvey Nichols and Selfridges around the UK. I am unsure of where it is retailed in other parts of the world but I know you could purchase it from an online store and get free shipping at [Beauty Lish]. 

The chemical content of this product is oil-free and more of titanium dioxide that acts as a sunscreen for the skin. Its has an SPF 10 [ Sun Protecting Factor] that protects your skin from radiations of the sun which causes early aging, sun burns and skin cancer in worst cases.The  SPF content of this  product assures 2 hours of protection from sunlight, which means that you may not find this foundation useful during warmer months of the year, where people take vacations to exotic places or be exposed to the sun for a long time. However, I like this product because it comes in 20 shades suitable for various skin tones and colours ranging from 20 beige- 154 Ambre and my shade is 114 Ambre. I have seen this product used on asian, caucasian and african skin and it looks radiant on everyone who tried it.

Appearance and texture on skin

1. Before Application, 2. After Application without full face routine, 3 (a&b) After Full Face Routine 

The texture of this product is lovely, it has a light-weight feel on the skin as though it were water gliding through your skin. The manufacturers were genuine as they stated that, it is an oil-free product because it has no thicke or cakey feeling on the skin as opposed to most oil based foundations. This foundation is an illuminating product that gives a fresh and youthful glow to the skin as opposed to most matte foundations like the M.A.C studio fix fluid foundation. In my opinion, it has long hour wear that lasts all day without slipping through the skin. For application, I suggest the use of a buffing foundation brush to apply the product on skin for a more airbrushed appearance. However, the downside of this product is that, it causes a lot of shine at the t-zone areas of the face and may not be suitable on an oily skin type.Also, it is not a full coverage foundation, so there is need for correctors and concealers to cover up  blemishes and dark circles on the face. Overall, I will recommend this product to anyone despite its downsides because its an amazing product that is true to its price and lest i forget that it smells great unlike other foundations that I have tried that have no scent. I will suggest that more shades be made for diverse skin tones of women around the world so that more people get to enjoy this product.

Finally, I will re-purchase this product if I ran out of it and I honestly believe that it is a nice product regardless the influence of the brand name.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed life.

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  1. Thanks for your review of this product! I'm glad I found this because I've been thinking about trying it out. I'm currently using Mac foundation but its good to know that it's not full coverage and not matte just so I'm aware! :)

    1. Yes, am glad I did it, its been a while pending. If you are looking for a good product, you could send me what you like in a foundation and I will suggest a product for you.

  2. Great review...I like the look on you and nice lipstick MAC :)


    1. Words cant express how excited I am for your compliment, I read your blog all the time and you have been a great inspiration for me. Thank You

  3. Great! I shall definitely try, I like the fact that it has a matte finish, I can't stand the greasy kind! Looks divine on you!


  4. Great post! I love this product :)

    Follow each other on gfc?

  5. Great post, the sad part about makeup products is that I cannot try out anything, cos I break out really bad. So sad for a girl that loves makeup. (

    1. Very sad, I feel your pain. However, I think you can still use make up. let me give you a little trick. Firstly, do not use cream concealers on your face because they produce oil easier on the skin Instead use liquid concealers over your blemishes and then you are good to go. Secondly buy a blotting sheet and go to your favourite make up counter, ask the makeup artist to drop the pump of the product on the make up sheet and if the product produces oil on the sheet then don't buy it but if it doesn't, then that will be your new foundation product OR you could ask for a product that is oil free and always use primers before applying these products.

  6. i have had serious acne and skin blemishes. i think i have tried all methods and most products. which either ends up burning my face and making things worst than they where or don't work at all. so i have giving up on having clear skin, so i have a new found love and thrive to grow my hair long and more healthier using more natural products. pls stop by and join in this movement as we grow longer african hair.

    1. I understand that you would like to have healthy natural hair, I too love the idea of good natural hair and I have passively touched the topic in one of my fashion posts.However, I don't think acne and blemishes is a reason not to try products you like and you just need to find the right skin care products. I will recommend the Pro activ skin care set and garnier grape daily scrub, these products have worked well for me when I had serious acne problems.If you are not sure you want to use these products, you could use natural food supplements like honey as a mask and sugar on lemon as an exfoliator.Thanks


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