Friday, 6 June 2014


Hello Everyone, I have not been posting on this blog for the past four months. I faced a lot challenges early this year that made me to sit back and evaluate my priorities. I know alot of you have asked when next I will make a post but I was very busy. Recently, I am free to make more commitments to my blog. I will be posting quite often because am on holiday and I will keep my social media space updated. Also, I will like you watch the video, you will find it interesting and leave your helpful feedback in the comment section.

About the contrast: The contrast is focussed on bringing colour and vibrancy into your environment either in your outfits, personality and carriage. It is a cold world out there, its left for us to bring colour, warmth and vibrancy into the world so that other people could share in our warmth and energy.

What I wore
Shoes- Zara

All photographs were taken Lydia

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day.

Best Wishes,


  1. Nice pictures, love your sexy dress and shoes!

  2. I love the color combinations and you's to good to have you back...Life will always be difficult sometimes, but we can rise above the bars it tries to put on us......
    Your smart and intelligent and you can MAKE IT HAPPEN...
    With Love:)

    1. Awww!!!!!! Thank you so much. I needed this


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