Thursday, 28 August 2014

On The Mountain Top 3

Story Time- I was reading Bella Naija a couple of days ago, I came across this story that touched my heart of a young lady who is frustrated with her love life and not meeting the right man for her. I thought to myself that, I have to make a response to her story. My dearie, I have 4 suggestions for you.
  1. Pray about it: I know some of my viewers are not believers and I understand and respect your decision. However, the person I am speaking to is from a religious background. I believe a problem shared is half-solved, praying for guidance in choosing the right person to invest your time and effort is important.You do not need to settle for anyone who is not on the same page with you.Therefore, talk to God about it.
  2. Love Yourself: How can you love someone without loving yourself? Thats my point, take good care of yourself and accept that you will never be perfect. Loving yourself should be seen in the way you carry yourself and the treatment you accept from others around you. In practical terms, decide how you should be addressed by significant others or how friends should speak to you.Once you start loving yourself, others will follow your lead.
  3. Be Positive: Being positive will help you appreciate your life better and be happy with the things in your life. Stay away from toxic people who remind you of your shortcomings or things you do not have. Alot of these people are unhappy in their relationships yet they paint a fairy tale story of their lives on social media. I want you to surround yourself with positive family or friends who will encourage you to be your best.
  4. Learn a new skill: You spoke about not having a job and still relying on your parents. This is a golden period in your life, to learn new skills that will help build your CV as well as self-confidence. Also, Mr Right will need more than a pretty face and hot body to consider investing his time and effort in you. Overall, learn to love yourself and enjoy your own company.

What I wore
Dress- Oasis
Sandals- Old
Necklace- Old

Thanks for reading and have a blessed life

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  1. oh dear!
    you look fabulous!!!!!
    I wanna to tell you that I definitelly love your blog, so if you are interested about follow each other, let me know I always follow back! :)))
    keep in touch!
    have a great day beauty!


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