Monday, 27 July 2015

My Personal Update

Hi everyone, I hope everything is good with you all. I know that I have been away from my blog for a while. My last post was informing my readers of the personal tragedy of losing a loved one. I have not been open about his death because I needed to come to terms with the fact that he is no longer physically here.

My dad died from a strange illness when he came back from work, he was an entrepreneur and a very busy man yet he still made time for his family. When I heard of my dad passing, I was in my final year  preparing to write a 12, 000 word dissertation and going through other trivial issues. For the first month, of my dad's passing, I experienced a lot of pain, agony that caused  sleepless nights for me. During the day, I put up a brave face for my friends and class mates who knew of my tragedy. I hated feeling like the object of their sympathy or being weak even though i knew they were only trying to comfort me. After two months of my dad's passing, I started to have a bitter and complainant attitude in my prayers. I felt like I did not have everything that I wanted, so why should my father die? I accepted my father death rather too quickly in order to avoid the pain yet the pain became intense. It was only after hearing that an acquaintance of mine lost her loved one and it caused a lot of financial instability that I realized that my situation was not so bad after all. 

In this period of agony, God strengthened me to carry on with my school work and he showed me reasons to be grateful for being alive despite the trials I was facing. God used family, friends and people around me to comfort me in my grief and I slowly started to find reasons to be happy once again.

Despite the horrible trails I have faced, God helped me to cope with the situation and graduate from University. I have not been updating my blog because I was mourning, trying to complete my degree and I  was trying to figure out myself. My hope is that I will commit to this blog and engage with my readers. Leave your feedback in the comment section.

Here is a photo of I and my friend graduating. To God be the Glory

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day

Best Wishes,


  1. And may God see you through, continue to bless you and keep you close to himself! Congrats dear!

  2. Congratulations, this a great accomplishment! May God continue to guide and mold you. You are my motivation to keep going because the journey sure does get tough. Stay blessed!
    Btw, I'm now following you and feel free to visit my blog as well.

    ♥ Crystal Michelle

    1. Thanks for your warm words. It is appreciated


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