Saturday, 16 June 2012

5 Top items I wish to have and accomplish before the year runs out

My wish list

1) The new Ipad in white, I wish to own this before the year runs out because it may be  needed in my academic work as I move ahead in the University.Also, I will certainly need a portable technical device to handle my work in school which has the photo enhancement app that I need to edit my vlogs.This is because I do not own a suitable laptop to do so. Another reason is because I would like to own a fashionable device that adds to my collection.Although, this may not seem like a  good reason to some people.


2) I fancy Louis Vuitton bags and my perception of it is classy. Although, it seems like a dream to me considering  that I am a student because I may not be able to afford it and most people see this as a luxury or a waste of money as they would presume but I would say, there is no harm in wishing you could own something you admire.However, I realise that this is not a necessity or a basic need but It's just something, I wish to see, when I open my wardrobe.

3)The M.A.C prep+prime transparent finishing pressed powder are one of the make up items,I would like to own before the year runs out.This powder is suitable for all skin tones and helps to reduce shine while minimizing oily secretions from the face.

4) The coastal scents camouflage concealer palette are one of the affordable items that I would like to have before the year runs out.This palette has different shades of concealer which is used for contouring and highlighting.Also, It will be suitable for me because it will prevent me from buying single shades of concealers which would be costly.


5) A trip to Paris,France is one of the things I wish to accomplish. Paris is a world-class city full of adventures and is known as the city of love.I wish to go to the Eiffel tower in Paris and have a view of the world from there.It would be a remarkable experience in my life because one of the things I intend to do before I die is to travel the whole world, God willing.



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