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Its all about loving yourself and trying to live a healthy life.
Growing up for me was not so easy, most people I came across had a lot of comments to give concerning my weight.As any other plump kid who was in school, I received hurtful remarks about my size and even an insight of my future appearance as the years coming.At the earlier stages of my life, I was affected by these comments but my mother advised me not to suffer from low-self esteem.She went further to tell me of her own weight problem when she was young and how people criticised her.Furthermore, she told me of the tips she used to lose weight and how difficult it was to keep to those rules.

I have been a self-concious about my weight for quite a period of time and I have looked for ways to lose weight.I know that, this may sound ridiculous to the readers of this blog or to people who know me but it is what I have been struggling with. Recently, I learnt step by step to build my self-confidence and inner peace for my self but this hasn't been my effort alone, I would use this opportunity to thank God who has helped me in this journey and thought me to trust him on any matter concerning myself.

Although, I still make efforts such as exercising, trying to avoid the temptations of junk food and eating healthily.Also,  I love fashion, style, make up and hair even though I may not know much on this topics. I try to look good and make myself happy.

Coming to the picture that is above this text, these are the stages that most overweight people who are concerned about their appearance.In the first picture, illustrated an overweight lady who is making efforts to lose weight which is giving positive results. Most people who are overweight often dwell in self pity or become unnecessarily aggressive to the people that they come across in their life.Therefore,it is necessary that, we make certain efforts to tone our body so as to feel good within us.

Secondly, the picture immediately after the first, shows the results an overweight person would get from making the neccesary efforts.Some times, we get discouraged to make these efforts due to a number of factors and we find it difficult to pick up from were we left off. However, it is crucial to note  that NOTHING GOOD IS FOUND ON THE SURFACE OF THE WATER. It's not easy to follow these rules or to keep to them but it goes a long way to help. After all, as my friend would say 'Rome was not built in a day'. 

Thirdly,living healthily entails eating healthy food, exercising, drinking water, reducing the level of toxins in your body and reducing stress.These steps work hand in hand to help you lose weight but to be truthful to myself, I have not been following these rules and I have been eating the way I like.

The following step is the most important thing that I would be writing about and this is SELF-ACCEPTANCE. This involves you being happy with yourself and accepting yourself when you stand in front of the mirror. Most times, I hear people say all sorts of things about me and in their minds, the position they have placed me but A word of advice to those reading this blog, don't let the public determine who you are and don't allow yourself to be walked on by others .You should know that being confident is not focused on how other people see you but how you see yourself.As human beings, we are not perfect and we have a lot of insecurities that we don't want to be rubbed in our faces.This is the reason for celebrities going for various cosmetic surgeries but I advice you don't.Overall, it is important to love yourself because the Psalm 139:14 ' I praise you because I am wonderfully and fearfully made, your works are wonderful and I know that fully well'.Therefore, there is no reason to feel unattractive or less beautiful than any one.This was written in the bible for those who think low of themselves.

In conclusion to this inspiring writing, I would say that, all I have put down on this blog is how to be confident, healthy, beautiful and happy.

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  1. I personally do not like what I see in the mirror, I am too big, not a pretty face but recently I decided to go on a diet, and I start pretend that I assume myself and hope that I'll really assume myself a day!!

    1. Sincerely, i dont have enough confidence in myself but as a person with a positive attitude. I feel that you should be confident and beautiful because our God doesn't waste time making inadequate people. He makes the best and i feel that you should feel the best.

      Love from


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