Sunday, 22 July 2012

My Sister's GRADUATION!!!!!!! OOTD

Blouse- Primark
Treggings-Marks and Spencer
Shoes- New look
Earrings- Topshop
Necklace- Topshop
Bracelet- Topshop
Hair-Brazilian hair ''18''16 x2'' and Indian Remy hair ''12''


Hello my beautiful readers, I hope you all have been busy with your daily routines.I wrote in my last post that, I travelled to Cardiff,Wales for my sister's graduation. Also, I posted a picture of a coppery eye look that I experimented and I decided to post some pictures of the outfit, I had on for the graduation ceremony.

I was going for a classy, less colourful and official look.I didn't want to attract much attention to myself , with a flash of colours so I decided to go for a  black/white attire and any colour of shoe.As the picture shows, I wore a white chiffon blouse which is light and suites perfectly to my figure. Looking at my pants, I am wearing a black treggings which hugs my hips perfectly and brings out the lovely outline of my legs. I put on a black silky blazer and I know, it looks loose on me but I had to get a larger size to give a kind of sophisticated and official look.Furthermore, I put on an animal skinned pastel orange shoe, that has a gold lining and a black suede heel.I put a pair of gold earrings that has a cross sign, a chain necklace that has a lot of details to it and a golden spiked bracelet.I didn't do much to my hair but I sectioned my hair into two parts and I packed the upper section of my hair to overlap the lower section of my hair.I put all these pieces together to form the outfit I wore for my sister's graduation.

I wanted to do a vlog on this look and post it on my You Tube channel but I decided that I should post some of the pictures of the outfit and give a detailed explanation of this look. Thanks for reading and God bless. 


  1. nice look,love ur shooes... i'm ur new follower please follow me too =D


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