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Trend or style, what do designers portray in the fashion industry

This is a crucial topic for most people in the fashion industry and people who are interested in fashion who would like to know.Firstly, I would like to define trend and style, so that the readers of this blog could  understand the difference between both terms.

What is Trend?

According to Encarta dictionary  'Trend is the prevailing style or  a current fashion or mode'. This could be illustrated by the picture below'.


                                                          This could be illustrated as trend

What is style?

According to Encarta dictionary 'Style is the prevailing or customary fashion' which could be a chosen look that suites a body type, colour and personality'.This could be illustrated be illustrated by the picture below.


                                                           This could be illustrated as style

In my opinion, trend is greatly portrayed by most fashion magazines and fashion designers.In most high end magazines such as vogue, Elle, cosmopolitan and to mention but a few that are found in our local stores.The display various innovations in dresses which are their latest innovations in the industry and these designs become the next trend of the season.

I am not  a fashion week or runway fanatic neither do I follow their updates religiously, but with the little I know and with what I have seen.I have decided to critically analyse the difference between the trend of dresses that the designers put out there and the regular clothes that are worn everyday.According to the research I carried out on the fashion week, it stated that there are four fashion capitals in the world: London, Paris, Milan and New York.However, there are fashion weeks that are held in other parts of the world.In these events, fashion designers advertise their latest innovations in fashion and view the other innovations of known and upcoming designers.Sometimes, when I think of fashion week, I imagine the fashionable innovations of high end designers but recently, I watched a video of the last fashion week held in London and I noticed that there were a lot of upcoming designers that I was not aware of, who showcased their creative pieces. In most fashion shows, that I have seen,there are a lot of edgy and bold designs that would look provocative on anyone walking on the road on a regular day.These designers set the trend of the season but does these trends fit into our  daily life.I have no bad intention towards the designers neither do I disagree with their creativity but as a beginner in fashion, it surprises me how, the run way fashion is so glamorous but it can not be carried out  to the streets of the city we live in.The run way fashion is glamorous, stylish,classy,edgy but doesn't fit into the daily attires of a student,worker or anyone who is going about their daily routines.Here are pictures of the runway fashion:


However, I have noticed that, the fashion innovations of a designer reflects the designers personality and this could be similar to the definition of style.Some designers like cuts and feathers,colours,spikes,dogtooth and other patterns that show who they are.Therefore, if these 'trend setters' who showcase their various designs reflect their personalities or express themselves,why cant we the masses show our personalities or express ourselves through our dressing.I know that some people do not care about what they wear while others just wear what is in vogue and others wear what their fashion role model is wearing but these people have failed to ask themselves these questions:

1)Does this trend suite my personality?
2)Does this trend suite my body size?
3)Is this my colour? 
4)Can I pull this attire off?

People do not put these questions into consideration, they do not care about what suites them, they follow the trend of the season blindly.As for me, I am a plus size girl and I understand the difficulty of finding some fashionable pieces of clothes to wear.Sometimes, when I walk into a fashion store in the city centre, I see lovely skirts,blouses and blazers but some of these lovely pieces do not suite my full figure.Therefore, I go for clothes that showcases my beauty rather than my flaws. Furthermore, some designers innovate trends for some types or sizes of people in the population, you do not blame them because of it is their creativity that they are showcasing.It is up to the people in the population to make their choices on the outfits that suite them. After all, some designers advice people to follow their personal style.Yves Saint Laurent says ''Fashion fades but style is eternal''.Nevertheless, the creativity of designers in the fashion industry has opened our eyes to latest trends of the season and enlightened us to recent updates in the fashion industry. 

In conclusion, I analyse that people who are interested in fashion, should wear what suites their personality but still be up to date with the trend. 

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