Saturday, 18 August 2012

Spiked Night walk shoes in leather by Fanatic

A short review on the Night walk shoes

Shoes- Fanatic

Night Walk Shoes

Hello to the beautiful viewers of this blog, I hope you all are well and have successfully carried out your regular routines.I decided to post a review on the night walk shoes which I recently purchased.This pair of shoes are available in the regular shoe stores around you and come in both affordable and expensive prices.The images above shows the pair of shoes that I am referring to.The image above shows a heelless shoes with spikes at the rear end of the shoes, the shoes have a high platform at the front but I am unaware of the inches of this platform,it has a strap use to buckle the shoes and the shoes are made of leather.This pair of shoes reminds me of the exact design made by Jeffrey Campbell, his design  is quite expensive and not affordable for every one.Although, his design of this pair of shoes is made of suede material and does not have spikes at the rear of the shoes yet is very similar to the  image above.The image below shows the night walk shoes by Jeffrey Campbell. 

Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

I know most people will think it is insane to wear this pair of shoes or may argue that these shoes are highly uncomfortable.On the contrary, I have tried these shoes on and they are very comfortable, this pair of  shoes are like wearing wedge shoes and they are steady and balanced.These shoes are suitable for any edgy outfit of the day and night.It is a trendy shoe and quite classy, if properly matched with a nice gown, clutch bag and beautiful hairstyle to go with it.This is a short review of the night walk shoes and I hope this will encourage the readers of this blog who are interested in my fashion posts to purchase these shoes.Thanks and God bless you all.


  1. I think these shoes are the cutest, but imagined having to suffer through serious pain to wear them. Now I know differently. Good post. Check me out when you get the chance :)


  2. Thank you so much for your feedback.I will definitely check you out.

  3. Could you please post a link to any e-shop that sells fanatic shoes? Couldn't find it anywhere on the internet =(

    1. I would search on line for any e-shop that sell these shoes.Thanks for your feedback

    2. Hey Ann, I got a link of where you could get the heelless shoes that are exactly like that of the fanatic shoes: It is on Amazon or you could check on ebay but this link is from Amazon.

  4. very cute!!! they will go with everything and perfect for the fall season! love from las vegas
    -jasmine o.

    1. Thanks a lot, I will definitely check your blog.


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