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Are gossips all lies? Should rumours be believed? We need to check ourselves....

Hello my beautiful readers, I know that this is not my regular fashion and beauty related posts but I am into talking about issues of life, my personal experiences or my views of regular problems of the society.


This topic I am about to analyse, is a topic that everyone can relate to and this has affected the lives of various people.This is a topic that has broken friendships,caused quarrels and fights, instigated people against each other and has caused the death of its victims.Nevertheless, we should consider the fact that in every line of gossip, there is 30% of truth in it and before smoke there is fire.I know that most people will be double minded about what I have written but it is something worth considering.Sometimes, we as human beings behave in certain ways that we are not aware of and we do things that are offensive to others but do not admit to our faults.Most people get highly offended when they are corrected on a bad habit or get aggressive when they are reprimanded on a bad attitude.If a person cannot be approached on his/her flaws, it results to whispers behind that person's back.On the other hand, some people enjoy wrecking a long term friendship, self-esteem or personality or may be they are not courageous enough to confront a person who has an attitude  problem or probably are cowards to walk up to a person and give their opinions but we all know that this could be risky and result to violence.Sometimes, people say things about others as a form of entertainment. However, gossips should be placed where they are and should not be taken seriously based on your own decision or temperament.In analysing gossip, I would say that we shouldn't believe every thing we hear others say until we see and experience what has been said because people who believe gossips are often manipulated, deceived and cajoled to do the selfish desires of others.In my opinion, I would say that people who are quick to believe gossips are people who choose not to think for themselves/do not have a mind of their own while those who do not want to be corrected or hear what another person has to say are people with conceit and arrogance in their hearts.


One of the most interesting activities in this recent world is to talk about celebrities, re-known people in the society or people of great personality.There are websites and TV shows dedicated to sorting personal information about peoples lives, most especially people that have made an impact to the society or people who are heroes, heroines or villains of the society.How enjoyable it is for us to hear the juicy rumours that are carried about these group of people? but have we paused and thought for a minute that some of this information carried could be false? have we ever considered that this maybe just lies that are carried around to destroy a personality or an image?However, there is always a percentage of truth  in a rumour. After all, no body is perfect and most of these people in the spot light   have double lives.They appear to be perfect at the outside with their flashy life styles yet in the inside live in confusion,addiction, depression and loneliness.Overall, let us not judge because we never know how it feels until an individual is placed in that situation, we shouldn't believe every single thing we hear about a person and his/her lifestyle.As mentioned above, gossips should not taken seriously neither should rumours be, these things should just be a warning to people to be careful on how to react to personal information about these group of people and how we relate this information to other people that are around us.


According to NDT resource centres 'Self-evaluation is the filling up of self evaluation forms,journalism, taking tests,writing revision work, asking questions and through discussions for the purpose of discovering your strengths and weaknesses.It is not my intention to make this writing academic but to give a well refined definition of this topic.This definition also applies to our daily lives and our interaction with others. Also, it enables us to discover the strengths and weaknesses of our personalities and know were we lack good and proper judgement. In my opinion, I have decided to be a blameworthy person who admits to any fault of mine that is brought to my notice. After all, there is no need to be a hypocrite who casts judgements on other people's  characters with out given a proper evaluation of mine.Therefore, this is a measure that people who talk about and those who are being talked about should apply.It is unfair and unjust to carry information about some one to various people, therefore damaging a person self-esteem and image and it is not right to seat on a high horse to analyse another person's character without giving yourself a total character check. It is also pigheaded not to properly analyse the criticism or displeasure of others.In this topic, one must learn how to do a lot of mind and soul searching to see if there is anything one is doing that is offensive to other people around us,to discover your good and bad side and to see how to reduce our faults and put our weaknesses to better use.There is no need to be ashamed of our weaknesses.It is present whether we agree or disagree but a piece of advice don't live your life based on other peoples opinion, have your own opinion. After all, you have a mind of your own and you are  able think for yourself.


In conclusion, gossips are not totally lies,it should be analysed properly and put into consideration based on your own judgement but if you feel that it is false,then don't take it to heart. Rumours should not be accepted because some people have ways and words of destroying a person's image.Most of all,we need to give ourselves a proper character check in other to avoid a life of hypocrisy, gossip and hatred.Finally, we should analyse ourselves before analysing others, get good and visible evidence before believing in certain information that are passed in our environment and minding our business.

Best wishes from Peace to the readers.

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