Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Curvy Lady

Embrace Yourself

Hello Everyone, I hope you had a blessed week and achieved all your plans for this week, if yes or even no, I wish you readers the best in your daily endeavors. I have been out of town, I went for a vacation and I took nice pictures but that will be a post for another day. I took this pictures a while back and I was waiting for the right time to post them because I have a short story to tell in this post.At a point in my life, I watched fashion shows, read magazines and saw people portray that fashion and style are for a specific body size. I saw people who didn't fit into this stipulated body size teased by other people who had their own insecurities but condemned the curvy body size. We all have insecurities, we all at one point of our lives feel that if we altered a part of our body, we will fit in better to our environment. I have experienced similar feelings and insecurities, which led me to think I should look like someone else to be accepted but now, I know that everyone is beautiful in their own way. Recently, when I learnt that celebrities that people want to imitate their looks, perform so many beauty and surgical procedures to achieve these looks and these celebrities have made  themselves 'a brand' and embraced themselves, I stopped for  while and thought to myself, why cant we accept our appearances and just improve ourselves within our resources to become the best we can. We need to embrace ourselves and our insecurities that identifies us for who we are and not judge others or desire to be someone else, lets be ourselves. I know most of my readers have heard and read about the topic 'Confidence' from other bloggers but I would like to encourage you to try your best with your available means to be the best version of yourself and embrace who you are.

QOTD- ''In this world there is no one who looks exactly like you, because you are the only person who possesses the features of the beautiful and unique creature that you are''

Photographed by Sabrina Ahmed

I was wearing
Skirt- River Island
Peplum Top- Primark
Clutch- Dorothy Perkins
Earrings- Old
Necklace- Claire's Accessory

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