Sunday, 7 July 2013

A Story To Tell............

The go-to outfit for under £150

Hello my dear readers, I hope everything is fine and you had a pleasant Sunday, if all didn't go well as you planned, I pray that this post will cheer you up and make your day pleasant. I have been researching on the type of fashion posts to make and I came across different videos on YouTube talking about  looking good on a budget or barbie on a budget, as most of you all may know. This particular idea was inspiring to me because I have so many friends [ mostly students] who complain about the prices of fashion items and how looking good costs lots of money. I know that most people in the real world, earn the money the spend and it is hard to spend money on fashion items that are not in your budget or are completely unplanned for your pocket. Also, I am aware of the recession that has affected most countries of the world and inversely has caused caution into the minds of retailers, business people and consumers to handle their finances properly for a better future. In the month of May, my sister advised me to watch how I spend money because she said money doesn't grow on trees. She gave me a month challenge concerning my spending habits on fashion items and told me to go a month without shopping fashion items from the stores in the city center or online stores. At first, I was in denial concerning my spend drift attitude and I decided to prove her wrong by taking up the one month challenge. I did pretty well for the whole month, by not buying any fashion items from stores in the city center or online stores but at the last day, I broke my promise buy purchasing a lovely skirt I saw on sale. I know that I made a quick decision, may my sister forgive me,however its quite hard to be honest but I sure thank God for the courage to be honest to you the readers concerning this issue. Many of you the readers, may be going through one financial difficulty or the other, but it doesn't mean that you should look like your in difficulty. It is not a 'must' to buy the expensive items to look beautiful or elegant to any place you are going to, you can get the items that are within your means but if you are able to afford the expensive things, then buy them because I am firm believer that if you can afford it, buy it.However, some people often complain of how fashion is expensive, well they are right. Fashion is expensive but style is affordable, fashion comes and goes but style is eternal in the words of  ''Yves Saint Laurent', this is kind of ironic for a brand that sells its shoes for at least £300. Well, he was right because he knew that, everyone should look nice but not break their bank accounts.There are so many fashion outlets like vintage stores, thrift stores and so on that sell affordable items in your local area, so there is no need to be complaining about the prices of items in society.  I hope you enjoy this post and the petty jokes I have made and don't forget to leave your helpful feedback in the comment section.

Budget Calculator
Dress- Was £28 Now £15, Hat- £8, Necklace-£10, Jacket-£20, Bag-£16 and Boots-£60= £142

Dress- Asos
Hat-H and M
Boots- Autograph [Old]
Bag- Gossip

All photographs were taken by Sabrina Ahmed

Thanks for reading and have a blessed life.

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  1. Now thats a story to tell............

  2. "It is not a 'must' to buy the expensive" this comment killed me!!
    I'm on rehab for a month as well and so far i've been good. lol

    i'm glad i found your blog. love your sense of humor


  3. My dear, most people see it that, you need to break your account to look good. If you have that kind of money, then do as you please. I am pleased that found me to. Please stay tuned to my posts for more humour

  4. amazing outfit!! love the dress!!
    would u like to follow each other?


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